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The Puffee
by Big Boiz
Our mechanism utilizes a pulley system and Nick Grande's feet since he has two broken arms. At the bottom of the mechani...
  Uwharrie Charter Academy
200 686 VOTE
bonus points votes
by Huskies
Our solution is to design a product based on a product that dispense dog treats and we are going to improve it to hold a...
  North Eastern Randolph Middle School
60 3253 VOTE
bonus points votes
Mow on the Go!
by Brady & Hayes Fabrication
We will make an attachment to replace the front steering mechanism of a bicycle with a push mower. This will allow the ...
  Southwestern Randolph High School
30 1122 VOTE
bonus points votes
Pollution Solution "Mo-cycle"
by Hot Tamales
Help in the beautification of the landscape and to exercise while mowing grass.
  Wheatmore High School
80 165 VOTE
bonus points votes
Window Wiper 2000!
Our product will clean your windows in a quick thirty seconds by having a device that will stick to your window and stay...
  Uwharrie Charter Academy
90 308 VOTE
bonus points votes
Nanny Longboard 3000
by The 3 Musketeers
Our solution allows a longboarder to babysit while they longboard.
  Uwharrie Charter Academy
110 684 VOTE
bonus points votes
The Rooster
by The Wake Up Call
The Rooster, is an electronic mechanism that is connected to the user. When the alarm goes off, it either shocks the us...
  South Asheboro Middle School
40 55 VOTE
bonus points votes
The Stainless Steal-less Mug
by The Mooks
Our product is a foolproof design that will hold a specially designed mug securely in place under lock and key.
  Trinity High School
50 445 VOTE
bonus points votes
Pedal and Power
by Kazoo Kings
Our solution helps people that are too energetic to sit for a long time to watch a movie. So with our solution this will...
  Uwharrie Charter Academy
120 461 VOTE
bonus points votes
Brain surge
by Brain surge
This could benefit others because he wouldnt be late so the director wouldnt be mad and he could be able to get there on...
  Southeastern randolph middle school
120 50 VOTE
bonus points votes
The Hearing Project
by Garbage Patch Kids
Our solution will work by having the phone when called send a volt of electricity to the transmitter which will in turn ...
  Uwharrie Charter Academy
130 359 VOTE
bonus points votes
The Balance Buddy
by Dat Boi
It will benefit the user by allowing the user to gain balance, it does that by pushing you back up on the horse and help...
  Randleman Middle School
70 51 VOTE
bonus points votes
Cup Harness
by Conrad's Crew
A safety harness that will keep people from stealing your coffee cup. You need to enter a passcode to unlock it.
  Randleman High School
60 4911 VOTE
bonus points votes
Texting Winter Gloves
by Blue Comets
So what I thinking is like making them like some gloves that are able to touch phones.
  South Asheboro Middle School
40 45 VOTE
bonus points votes
Kitty Contraptor
by Team Warriors
A small can or something you can store stuff in has an arm that extends (and is removable) to catch a small animal stuck...
  Uwharrie Charter Academy
100 333 VOTE
bonus points votes
by Pure Fire!
The Pure-a -fire is a metal and glass cube that you place over the fire after its been lit you turn on the power switch ...
  Eastern Randolph High School
160 643 VOTE
bonus points votes
by American Rebels
Mows grass as you ride your bike.
  Uwharrie Middle School
20 236 VOTE
bonus points votes


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